The Kenya Film Commission
Kenya Film Commission
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Committed to developing an enabling environment for filmmakers and film industry facilitation.

Kenya Film Commission

Apply and pay for government approved film services and the auxiliary industries related to filmmaking conveniently through your e Citizen account.


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About KFC

The Kenya Film Commission is the State Corporation established in 2005, responsible for developing, promoting and marketing the Kenyan film industry. At the heart of the Commission, is the strategic intention to grow the sustainability of the film industry through strengthening existing institutional frameworks locally and internationally while positioning Kenya as the preferred filming location in Africa.

Kenya Film Commission

Online Services

Apply for our services and pay using mobile money. After completing the application print the resulting document and get what you need at ease.

Booking of Film Hub/Resource Centre

Book a film hub/resource centre

Reel County Film Festival

Apply for Reel County Film Festival

Film Empowerment Programme

Apply For Film Empowerment Programme.

Bursaries and scholarships

Apply for student bursaries and scholarships

Film Residency Programme

Apply for Film Residency Programme

Coordination and Certification

Register for Coordination and Certification

Kenya's Creative Industry Database

Apply for access to Kenyan Creative’s database.

Liaison Services

Apply for Liaison Services.

My Kenya My story mobile phone film competition

Apply for the “My Kenya My story” mobile phone film competition

Our vision is to make Kenya, a global hub for Film Production with the goal of fostering a vibrant and sustainable local film sector while creating jobs for aspiring filmmakers.

Kenya Film Commission